1. New video up for STIMULUS: ONYX. Check it out. Spread the word. Lets make this thing happen! 


  2. dwdesign:

    Screen printed poster for the anime Ghost in the Shell. Released and sold by Mondo at San Diego Comic Con today to celebrate the 25th anniversary of this classic. Being a big fan of the film it was a great honor to work with this.

    (via roguetelemetry)


  3. For those who will be attending SDCC, Daniel and Sina will be signing Friday 11A-2P at the Splash Page Comic Art booth #4400

  5. Make sure you tell your local shop to order you a copy of Reign of Terror #4. Orders are due Monday!

  6. Check out Daniel’s new STIMULUS short story CESCORA. This time with art from Dan Morison.


    It’ll be the back up content in issue 4 of Reign of Terror. Feel free to share it in the mean time. It’s free!

  7. Reign of Terror #3 of 5 out July 16th 2014

    tell your local comic book retailer to order you a copy! 


  9. Anonymous said: are burn the orphanage shirts still available?

    Shirts are sold out unfortunately. 


  10. Anonymous said: who WERE rock's inspirations?

    All the characters are influenced by a mix of video games and also real life people we know. Rock was inspired by a mix of Axel from Streets of Rage, Cody and also Terry Bogart. 


  11. sinagrace:

    Los Angeles!

    This Saturday night, Daniel and I will be celebrating Burn the Orphanage: Reign of Terror in a BIG way! Meltdown is hosting our biggest party yet, with Great American Burger posted out front selling delicious food, some surprises, and maybe even a little cosplay…

    Please stop by and pick up your copy of Reign #1, and a copy of the Born to Lose TPB!

    Meltdown is located on 7522 Sunset Blvd. The signing starts at 6, and will go on ‘til about 8 or 9.




  12. Anonymous said: Is Rock inspired more by Axel, or Cody?

    Rock is inspired by a lot of people. Axel is definitely one of them.

  13. njephotography:


    Looks like we have a fan?

  14. sinagrace:

    So proud of the Maximum Comics- exclusive cover for Burn the Orphanage: Reign of Terror #1 by the visionary Jeff Lemire! His interpretation of Rock is one of my favorites to date.

    Expect to see me and Daniel back in Vegas at the beginning of May to support the new series, as we will definitely be back on the road promoting both the new series and the release of Volume One: Born to Lose.


  15. Reign of Terror #1 and Born to Lose Vol1 trade paperback both out May 7th! Make sure to tell your local shop to order your copy.